1 in 1 Bungee

  • 5m x 5m with a 9m height clearance.
  • It fits in any back garden as long as the above space is available.
  • It takes up to 15 jumpers per hour.
  • 1 hour set up.

General Information

  • Bungee trampoline stations form one or four bungee trampolines to a metallic frame and which are attached to a jumper via elastics at the sides of the harnesses.
  • These in turn are attached to high quality mountaineering ropes which, via a pulley system, are diverted over the top corners of the main frame structure to power winches at the base.
  • The rider having been securely harnessed in to the bungee trampoline, commences jumping at which point the unique elastic system kicks in, enabling a super boosted gravity-defying ride with all the adrenaline of bungee jumping in a secure environment.
  • The participant can jump effortlessly up into the air, safely somersaulting frontwards or backwards for up to four minutes. The best thing about this ride is to encourage riders doing gymnastic performances while knowing they are secure in the harness.

4 in 1 Bungee

  • 11m x 11m with a 9m height clearance.
  • Takes up to 60 jumpers per hour.
  • Best suited to lard crowd size events.
  • 2-3 hour set up (depending on on event location and site access)